Hohner M2700 Super Chromonica 270/48 12 hole Harmonica

$335.00 $249.95


Hohner M2700 Super Chromonica 270/48 12 hole Harmonica

$335.00 $249.95

A responsive chromatic harp that expands the range, style, and kind of notes you can play.
As a principal choice for some of the world s leading harmonica musicians, the solo-tuned 270 Super Chromonica has a 3-octave chromatic range beginning at middle C. The chromatic harmonica s 48 reeds are fitted with special wind-saving valves. The precision-crafted Hohner pearwood comb is optimized for superior reed response over its complete range, from the mellow low octave to the bright and clear top octave.


The Hohner 270 Super Chromonica is the answer to the sound you re seeking if you ever feel like you re missing just the right note. The chromatic harmonica s impeccably designed slide button system makes every note, every style, and every expression available to you on one beautiful harp. Whether you re playing sophisticated, tasty jazz melodies or your favorite pop tune, you can even change keys mid-song for artistic impact. Use the Hohner 270 Super Chromonica to lay it down like Toots Thielemans or the great Larry Adler. Any style or mood you need-major, minor, blues, or bebop-is available on the chromatic Hohner Chromonica. Hohner builds the Super Chromonica with a wood body for a warm tone that covers 3 complete octaves.

Hohner is a family company founded in 1857 in Trossingen, Germany by Matthias Hohner. Hand-made quality and close attention to detail has set Hohner apart from the beginning. A top leading brand in harmonicas, Hohner harps are distributed worldwide. Hohner harmonicas are played on the street by buskers, in intimate nightclubs, on festival stages, and even in Carnegie Hall. Despite a diverse harmonica line used in music from country to classical genres, the most famous Hohner harmonicas are their simple, 10-hole diatonics used frequently by blues, rock, country, and folk musicians.
12-hole chromatic
Reeds: 48 with wind-saver valves
Reedplates: Brass; 1.05 mm
Pearwood comb
Length: 15.5 cm
Hohner harmonicas feature:
Improved reed profiles to increase reed life by over 200
Precision die punches to ensure reed plates with unparalleled air tightness
Improved tuning accuracy (through investment in innovative new tools)
Extremely stable stainless steel covers that won t tarnish and are easy to clean
Dynamic range and highest volume of most any commercially made harmonica
Super-fast response at all volume levels
Easily adjustability for overblows

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Hohner Super Chromonica 3-Octave Chromatic Harmonica (C)

This Hohner Super Chromonica 12-hole chromatic harmonica is the perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary styles. The stainless steel exterior and chrome mouthpiece protects a wooden body that contains thick brass reed plates. Longer reeds improve response and create greater volume, which makes it easier on your mouth muscles as you play each tune. Screws lend to easy maintenance after the rigors of playing for hours a day in practice and rehearsals.


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