TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus Pedal


TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus Pedal


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TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus Pedal

Vintage Analog Chorus Pedal Recreation with 4-Button Effect Selection and BBD Circuitry


3RD DIMENSION CHORUS is a unique type of “motionless” chorus effect that reproduces that instantly recognizable ‘80s clean tone. It’s full and lush, and expands your tonal range with a 3-dimensional feeling that is at once rich and sweet, as well as shallow and smooth. The pedal has no knobs to fiddle with – just 4 preset buttons ranging from “just a bit” to “quite substantial”. Trust us – you’re gonna love all of them!

Classic All-Analog Chorus

The 3RD DIMENSION CHORUS pedal takes its inspiration from the classic ‘80s analog studio chorus guitar tones found on thousands of recordings – thick, lush, and crystal clear. It even responds to your playing dynamics – either dig in on some meaty chords, funk out on some crispy double-stops, or create huge sounding, finger picked arpeggios. You’ll quickly find some recognizable settings with the 4-button interface.

Forget About Knobs

You can save the knob twisting for your other gear; the 3RD DIMENSION CHORUS features 4 tasteful and easy-to-use preset buttons, providing an amazing array of great tones. You can even coax out 16 different presets from the pedal by combining the 4 buttons in different ways (there’s even a hidden preset that’s only active when the buttons are in the up position). A broad palette of tasty chorusing is instantly within your reach – with the 3RD DIMENSION CHORUS pedal!


Unlike the delicate vintage pedals of yesteryear, the 3RD DIMENSION CHORUS is built to stand up to whatever the you throw at it and keep delivering those beautiful three-dimensional tones – both in the studio and on the road. And the true bypass performance keeps your tone intact when the pedal is off.


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