Why choose Mammoth Academy of Music? What puts us ahead of all of the competition?

1. Qualified Teachers
Our teachers are selected based upon their experience in the field.Our music teachers are hand selected based on a number of criteria. While most schools take the first available teachers in order to fill spaces, we hand select our teachers from our database. Our teachers are selected based on experience, qualifications and personality. All of our teachers have extensive backgrounds in music and music education, providing you with the quality music education so many places promise but do not deliver.

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2.Individual Learning Based Curriculum
Our school does not follow a set program, as our curriculum is built around Enjoyment, Encouragement and Individual Learning Based education. All of our lessons are one on one lessons so that your child receives the highest possible level of teacher-student interaction. When you enrol, your child will be matched with the teacher and an education programme will be tailor made to suit your goals and educational needs, whether you are aiming for university entry or simply pursuing a new hobby.

3.Monitored Student Progress
Each student is monitored by their teacher as they progress. Our school supplies the teachers with goal and progress charts so that they can, in turn, supply you with helpful feedback regarding your child’s musical journey. We also send out bi-annual reports so that you can see how your child has been progressing.

4. Annual Performance Opportunities
Here at Mammoth Academy of Music we offer performance opportunities to students, whether through our annual Variety Concert, or through connections with local events and councils. These opportunities help your child to develop their musicianship and stage presence, not just their technique. They are also great incentives to practise hard!

5. Future Prospects
With our high standard of teachers we have the ability to help you to strive! Our teachers have all had experience with music exams and can prepare you to do your exams with their first hand experience. So many schools in the area claim to have qualified teachers who have sat exams yet students do not progress. Here at Mammoth Academy of Music we are dedicated to providing you the highest level of musical education possible, with all of our teachers having sat high ranking music exams. These exams are the basis for university entry and ensemble entry.

We also have connections with various community orchestras, bands, and musical programmes.

6. Conveniently Located Shop
Mammoth Academy of Music is located next to the Mammoth Music Shop. This convenient location means that all of your instrumental needs can be taken care of while you wait, from small repairs to that new book which you needed. Our staff are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, and if we cannot supply an item immediately, we will order it on the spot for you!

Here at the Mammoth Academy of Music we care about your child’s musical education. We do our utmost to fill your needs and place your child’s musical education at the top of our priority list. Our teachers are selected for their passion for music and for the way in which they interact with students. If there are any issues at all we will deal with them immediately, rather then taking days or even weeks! Our dedicated Academy staff are always on hand to help, in order to give you the best service possible.

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